Just some stuff I have did to improve performance a little.

- I simply copied them over with a root file explorer from my sd card. Phone rebooted afterwords. (merged system folder with system, all at once. I would not risk copying files one a time, for risk of a reboot before you are done)
Disable CPU Rendering - I did this manually. Just open up egl.cfg is a root file manager and make the edit via text editor.
tweaks - which was the most difficult thing (as some patching to services.jar was needed to get 100% supercharged).

Ofcourse, it is very dangerous doing some of these tweaks, with no real recovery options. I did backup my "/system" folder before I did anything just incase
So if you are not comfortable with ADB if something goes wrong, best not do anything to your system folder.

Feel free to share your own tweak's.