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    Default Blu life play

    hey all i just picked this phone up from amazon and i gotta tell u that it is awesome.i hadnt heard about it till about a week ago. i saw it on phonedog.i ordered on e asap. just got it yesterday and i love it. anyone else rocking this phone? if so lemme know.
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    Default Re: Blu life play

    Nice! I'm thinking of getting this phone to replace my old iPod Touch. Is it worth it? Also, can you use it without a SIM Card with only WIFI (as the iPod Touch did?) And does it work with Straight Talk's T mobile Compatible SIM Card? (does the 3G work with Straight Talk?) Sorry about asking so many questions, I just want to know what I'm buying before I spend $230. Thanks and Im glad you like your phone!
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    Default Re: Blu life play

    I've had my Blu Life Play for about 2 weeks. Really enjoying it. I'm using it on Airvoice Wireless (an AT&T mvno). Works great. I don't know why it wouldn't work on Straight Talk or Tmobile, also should work fine as an android MP3 player - good wifi and google play store access. As for the phone, just found out how to do a screen shot - hold down power button and volume down button at the same time. Trying to find the password to use the hotspot feature. Blu seems like a good company but customer service may be lacking, not sure yet, lots of unanswered questions on their Facebook page. Overall liking it, especially for the price.
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    Unhappy Re: Blu life play

    Does anyone know how to sync folders on a corporate email account on a Blu Life Play? I can only see the Inbox, no subfolders.
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    Default Re: Blu life play

    I've had this phone for about a month now. You can only use the headphones that come with it, but they are pretty decent. For the price, it is a great phone, runs without lag and has an excellent screen. Highly recommended.

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    Default Re: Blu life play

    Yeah this phone rocks! Hopefully android 4.3 will make it to this phone.

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    Default Re: Blu life play

    thank you sooooooo much I like the how to take a screen shot answer
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    Default Re: Blu life play

    I just received mines and <3 it
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    Default Re: Blu life play

    I've had mine for a couple of weeks now and really like it. I received an OTA update last night - anyone know what this update might include? It was about 65mb in size but didn't upgrade beyond the current 4.2.1 Android. Not sure what it may have contained but it did seem to improve the responsiveness of the phone ever so slightly.
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    Default Re: Blu life play

    After switching from an iPhone to LifePlay I have been so frustrated about not being able to figure out how to do screen shot. TY so much. Has anyone else had problems using plug in headsets? I found the included earbuds completely shoddy..after using Bose for 2 years. However, I have been unable to get 5 different earbuds to work properly w LifePlay. I can hear but the person at the other end, static and feedback issues. Very disappointing about the phone as I do a lot of biz calls while I'm driving.

    Any fixes for this ? I've gotten nowhere with customer service.

    Any other unlocked android phones out there for under $300 that are higher quality?

    Also I saw that someone else had issues using Straight Talk. I use Straight Talk no problem, however I did have to search high and low for all the correct settings and every now and then texts or text photos don't come through, and I have to restart the phone.
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    Default Re: Blu life play

    Been rocking mine for about 3 weeks. Straight Talk with an AT&T sim.
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    Default Re: Blu life play

    Hey guys. I am considering this phone as well. How is the Wifi range performance and any additional downsides I ought to know before buying?

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