Hello all,
New member and new in android - very happy so far. I bought the xoom 2 media edition over ipad mini - I wanted to escape from apples limitations and I am really very happy for my decision ;-) I have a small problem though with mofi and epub files. My tablet runs the last android software 4.0.4. I have installed also the app real player from the store. When a friend of mine send to me two ebooks the real player put his logo on the attached files and I cant copy them or put them on the kindle, aldiko apps for reading - or choose other application to open them (maybe calibre or kindle for the mobi) Is there any option to fix this. Maybe i have to un install real player, but before that I wish I knew if there is another way. I downloaded real player because had the most downloads in the store. Do you recommend any other player for better performance? Thank all of you who take time to read my thread. Kind regards