Linsay has a new 7" Tablet out. I picked up one from Sears online for $99.00 + free shipping. The tablet is a nice tablet and quick enough, especially for the price. CPU 2.0mhz Cortex A9-512m and 4G flash drive. Android 4.1.1 Jellybean. Google certifications and Google Play -NO Bluetooth or GPS?. Wifi works well and just as good as Samsung and Nexus on wifi reception. Only downside I've found is only 1.98G flash available and so new that no support for rooting. Only reason I would root is to mod the vold.stab, so as to swap internal and external storage. So if you need a good cheap tablet and,this may work for you. I have several Name brand tablets and have had 4 of the cheap Chinese tablets. This is 1 of the cheap 1s but the best cheap 1 that I have owned.
They are based out of South Florida and have answered a couple support questions of mine quickly. Below is their website.

Yes I'm an Android Junkie.....really need some company to have me test devices and then write a review, so I'm not always broke from android. Lol