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    Question Tablet for Student--Note Taking

    Hello all,

    I'm posting here asking for some quick help. I'm looking for a tablet to aid in note taking and productivity while at college. I've been doing research but feel like I'm swimming in open water--there are so many options and I don't have the knowledge base necessary to make informed decisions. So that's why I'm recruiting the help of the gurus here!

    First, let me explain the specifications I'd like to meet:
    -Approximately 10" tablet
    -Only wifi connection is needed (no 4G)
    -Budget of around $400 (flexible)
    -Good note taking ability using stylus (digitizer and active stylus)
    -Microsoft office is a plus but not necessary (Google drive can be used instead without much of a problem)
    -The ability to take notes on PDF files (annotate while I read)
    -Also used for general web browsing, video watching, email checking, facebook, nothing too serious

    I have no brand loyalties and do not necessarily want/need a key board (2in1, transformer, etc) although it would be handy at times. I would scoop up the Microsoft Surface in a second if it had a digitizer and could be used to take good notes. I've been mostly considering the Samsung note 10.1 but it's so expensive that I would have to purchase the older (not 2014) model and I'm hesitant to buy older technology. There are so many tablets and 2in1's that I just can't narrow it down. Someone please point me in the right direction of some tablets that can fulfill this role that I can further research. Thanks very much!
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    Default Re: Tablet for Student--Note Taking

    Welcome to to Android Central!

    I would recommend the Samsung Note 8.0 even though its 8" and not the 10" you specified.
    Live long and prosper.

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    Default Re: Tablet for Student--Note Taking

    Quote Originally Posted by Haalcyon View Post
    Welcome to to Android Central!

    I would recommend the Samsung Note 8.0 even though its 8" and not the 10" you specified.
    Thanks for the recommendation. Why would you recommend the 8 instead of the 10.1? When I was looking at tablets in-store, the 10" ones seemed to be much more comfortable for writing on. Thanks!

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