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    Default Best 10" android tablet for mom

    Moms birthday is coming up and I want to replace her old Acer Iconia a500. Everyone sings praises to the nexus 7 but she needs something bigger than 7" or 8". I've also heard great things about the nexus 10 but at over a year old I cant justify paying the 250+ everyone is asking for them. It needs to be able to handle games, stream media, browse the internet without (speed) problems. Would like to stay under $300. It would also be a good plus if it took decent pictures. Please help me out, I was looking at the lenovo yoga 10 but have concerns about the resolution on that screen. What are your thoughs.
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    I just saw the Asus MeMO Pad 10.1" at Staples for $200. It's a pretty good value, although by no means a powerhouse of a tablet. Quad-core, 1280x800, 16 GB of storage. No microSD card support, though.
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    Thanks, her previous tablet had 16 gb of storage also and it was always wanting her to remove programs. So I'm more inclined towards a 32 gb or something with card support.

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