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    Default Copy Titanium Backup files to PC via USB

    I'm having trouble copying Titanium Backup files from my phone to my PC (Android 4.4.2 / Windows 7).

    I'm connected via USB, with developer mode turned on, using MTP connection.

    I've accessed the internal memory on the phone in Windows Explorer:

    Computer\XT1032\Internal storage\TitaniumBackup

    ...and just want to copy and paste all the backup files to my PC hard drive, to back them up.

    Although I can see all the files in Windows Explorer on the phone memory, when I try to copy / paste them to the hard drive, either nothing happens or only 1 file copies over. There are 482 files to copy over. I don't understand why it's not working.

    I tried select all > copy / paste (and keyboard shortcuts), dragging and dropping, but neither work. The copy function IS available in the context sensitive menu, as is paste, so it's available to use, but just doesn't work.

    Hope someone can help?
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    Default Re: Copy Titanium Backup files to PC via USB

    Seems like an odd problem. Might be worth trying to hit the refresh button on the windows address bar for the folder you are copying too.......

    I've always found MTP a bit flakey, and connecting in mass storage mode on my tablet causes problems for that device as-well (resets wallpapers and widgets) so I long ago gave up connecting either device directly to the PC and now use ES explorer to connect via Wifi via a standard SMB/Windows Share. Transfer speed for long copy paste operations generally is about 1Mb/s.
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    Default Re: Copy Titanium Backup files to PC via USB

    Bringing this up again as I'm having the same problem again.

    I'm transferring from a Moto G to a Moto G 4G.

    The old phone is rooted on 4.4

    I have created a backup with titanium backup, and all the files exisit in \Computer\XT1032\Internal storage\TitaniumBackup - but when i copy and paste them to a folder on my PC via USB, only 1 of the 300+ files copies.

    Any ideas?

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