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    Default Viruses

    Is it possible to infect Android with a virus? Do I need to install an anti virus app on my MotoG?
    If so, is Avast OK - I use that on my Windows PC.
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    Default Re: Viruses

    Hello AndroidNewby,
    virus infection is indeed dangerous' that why I suggest you to check the possibility for anti-virus...
    I recommend you to check this(the best!!!) anti-virus from google play ---> Norton Security & Antivirus
    or this, which also good ----> google play CM Security & Find My Phone
    for more information you can read here --> Should You Worry About ...
    I hope it helped..
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    Default Re: Viruses

    I wouldn't bother. So long as you don't go downloading shady stuff, you should be fine.

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    Default Re: Viruses


    Google doesn't catch everything so yes, antivirus is highly recommended.

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    Default Re: Viruses

    Here's some additional info:


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