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    Default 2 way sync google contacts with Moto G is not working

    have a problem with the synchronisation of contacts with the Moto G (Android 4.3).

    This seems not te be working
    - When I am adding a new number in a existing contact on my Moto G, this number is not added in the Google contact online.
    - Are new added numbers locally stored on the Moto G instead of in the Google contacts? Can I adjust this?

    - When I am changing the number of a existing contact on my Moto G the originial number from the Google contacts is being restored.
    - Very frustrating is there a way to change this?

    This works:
    - When I add a new contact on my Moto G it is automatically added to my Google contacts (works perfect)
    - When I add a phone number in my Google contacts it is automatically added on my Moto G (works also perfect)
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    Default Re: 2 way sync google contacts with Moto G is not working

    i am having the exact problem with my Moto G.

    Whenever i update a contact on my mobile phone, it is not synced with the contacts on .

    So frustrated with such a simple request not being executed properly.

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