No ability to do auto signature with motorola moto G! I talked with Motorola and they said that they removed the ability to add an auto signature on this verizon prepaid phone. They would not give an answer why. Also they would not comment on if the upcoming update to kit kat will add this ability. I then set up all text and voice mail to go to google hangouts and that works very well but the ability to add an auto signature is still missing! Anybody got an answer for hangouts and an auto signature? I installed sms signature from the play store but you have to copy and paste with each text you want to add a signature to and this is not ideal but it works.
Added comment--------Verizon prepaid with moto g seems excellent and phone impressive! I am getting better reception in some hard to reach before places then I did on their $120 plan and you can get a $50 plan with 1 gig data and unlimited calling and text messages. Best Buy!