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    Default Returning/exchanging custom color Moto X for wood one

    I've been talking to a few customer support reps online and the process of returning or exchanging your existing custom colored Moto X phone for a wood Moto X is different than doing a simple exchange for another set of custom colors. You have to return your original Moto X for a credit (i.e. to credit card), and when they receive it they'll refund your original purchase price. Once you get that return process going, you simply order a new one with the wood back. I believe you don't have to wait for the refund to process; you can just order the wood one right away (I think they give you a Motomaker code).

    So basically if you ordered a Moto X during any of the $350 promos (like myself), you can't just exchange the phone and pay an extra $25 for the wood back. You essentially pay the current price of a Moto X, $400 plus the $25 wood (total $425), which is $75 more than the original $350 promo price. $425 is still better than the $600 that the bamboo phone was originally going for when it was first released in December before they price-dropped both the phone and the wood. I'm not surprised it works that way, though it would have been awesome if I could've exchanged, kept the promo, and only paid that extra $25.

    For those that exchanged their Moto X's for the bamboo one when that was first released, I'm not sure if your process was the same, but that's what I've been told so far.
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    Default Re: Returning/exchanging custom color Moto X for wood one

    This is the same process for all their returns. They don't do exchanges. I had to return a defective one and had to basically go through motomaker to purchase a brand new one. When they received the original, they credited my account.

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    Default Re: Returning/exchanging custom color Moto X for wood one

    Ahh, yeah, I didn't really know the whole process and so I needed clarification. Just wanted to put it out here for those who don't know as well.
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    Default Re: Returning/exchanging custom color Moto X for wood one

    You can also look on Ebay as there are several used wood backs listed.

    Another option is using a Toast real wood skin, combined with a bumper you have good protection and minimal size increase. Home
    Two links of people who have bought them: https://plus.google.com/106582709758...ts/EA5JPu8d9VT
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    Default Re: Returning/exchanging custom color Moto X for wood one

    Do you know if the Toast back will go on the outside of a case? I'd like to be able to take it off and still see my custom Green from time to time.

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    Default Re: Returning/exchanging custom color Moto X for wood one

    Is there a way to change the back without getting a whole new phone? That'd be pretty handy.

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