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    Default How to change default on Note To Self - task manager?

    Just moved to a Moto X after years of iPhone. The thing I miss the most is the ability to add quick notes to a list by voice. "Add 'milk' to my grocery list", "Add 'bank' to my errands list", etc. I used this feature in Reminders many times a day.

    I've found "Note to Self" with Google Now and it's set to send notes to my gmail account. That's fine but I then have to process those into some sort of a list. I've got Wunderlist right now.

    So, my questions are:
    1. Is there any app that works with Google Now that allows you to send notes to a specific list without further processing?
    2. If there is no app that allows this and hooks into Google Now, is there a way to change the default action of "note to self" so that the notes get sent to Evernote? I've searched all over the web trying to find a way to get to the task manager so that I can reset the default but can't seem to find anything.

    Update: I kept digging and found that I could reset the default action of Note to Self by going to Settings - Apps - scroll down to Gmail (which I had made the default action a couple of days ago) - under Launch By Default about halfway down the page choose Clear Defaults. Once you've done this you need to set up a Note to Self by using "Ok Google Now" command, say "Note to Self, Test". This will create a note that has been saved. On that same screen you then have the choice to edit the note. If you touch this it will give you a choice of Gmail and any other app that it can see, like Keep or Evernote. I was able to switch the default back to Evernote.

    Still looking for a list app that Google Now will hook into, if anyone knows of one.
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    Default Re: How to change default on Note To Self - task manager?

    You might try Google Keep. I don't know if it would have this feature though. I came from iPhone too and like Keep as my alternative to Notes but I never used Siri to make my notes. I never found anything that would sync with the notes in Gmail but I never asked about it. Just looked in the Play Store. Sucks because all of my Notes from Apple are in my Gmail notes.
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    Default Re: How to change default on Note To Self - task manager?

    Wunderlist 3 integrates with Google Now
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    Default Re: How to change default on Note To Self - task manager?

    Quote Originally Posted by bbendick View Post
    Wunderlist 3 integrates with Google Now
    Are there any others that integrate with Google now?

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