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    Default My new Moto X

    I Love this phone!! Why the hell didn't Motorola advertise this thing more? This should've sold v10x what they have??!

    The ONLY complaint I have is the voice commands rarely pay music from Google psy via googlen music via music player. Other than that. It is The a greatest phone over ever owned. I wished peeps would look at it. It bear the sand S4 excet with drive space. I got the at&t version. But they wanted an an extra $100 for the developer model! Damn Verizon's was FREE.

    BUT, it came with a catch, it required n$100, that is wrong! So if moto x is still around n 6mos I'm getting a least them 32gb version, or the 32gb w/o bloat ware. So this is def the phone for me. For next two yra

    So long I can get ,32 GB version or the 32gb at&t moto developer um happy!!!! Unless Google begins selling the developer for like $300. Then I'll still this one hacked and sell it for prolly what this pH is worth. I'll break even.

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    Default Re: My new moto x

    Glad you are liking the device. I love mine!!!
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    Default Re: My new moto x

    I just ordered a 32 gb yesterday really excited to get it.
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    Default Re: My new moto x

    Its a great phone. Got mine Thursday. Typing us taking a little getting use to but overall like it better than my iPhone 5,,
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    Default Re: My new moto x

    It's the best phone I've ever owned, and I've had a lot of phones (although never an iPhone I must say). The only complaint I have would be the camera could be better, but that's it. I was playing around with a friend's Windows Phone the other day and I kept trying to wake it up by flipping it over - drove me nuts! I will never want another phone without active notifications. That feature alone is worth the "price of admission" on this phone. Add to that the perfect size, near stock Android, great battery life, and awesome reception, etc., etc. - it's just about perfect.
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    Default Re: My new moto x

    good that people are starting to understand how awesome this phone is.
    but some just look at spec.
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    Default Re: My new moto x

    I just received the 32 gb DE on Wednesday. This by far has to be one of the best devices I've owned. I really like the simplicity of the design and the fact it gives you what you need instead of useless apps that I would never use.

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