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    Default Rattle sound on back of phone?

    Whenever I set my phone down it sounds like there's a rattle (or something loose in the back)

    Basically, take your phone and hold it by the bottom. Lightly tap the top of it it on your mouse pad. Anyone else have it too? If I hold it by the top and tap the bottom I don't hear anything - just the top.
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    Default Re: Rattle sound on back of phone?

    It could be the camera sensor, it have to have moving parts to focus. But I couldn't hear anything for mine.
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    Default Re: Rattle sound on back of phone?

    Hmph, sounds like something worthy of a device defect label. Check and see if you can get your current device exchanged for that. If not, you'll just have to live with it.
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    Default Re: Rattle sound on back of phone?

    Here's a youtube video I took of it.

    It's a little louder than it appears on the video. It looks like I'm tapping it hard but I'm really not, my mouse pad it pretty thick. Even if I set my phone down on a table I hear it.

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    Default Re: Rattle sound on back of phone?

    It's the camera. They all do that more or less. Moving part necessary to focus.
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    Default Re: Rattle sound on back of phone?

    Okay, that's a little more comforting. I guess if I shook the phone and heard something it would be a red flag.

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