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    Default Moto X - Phone icon is half in tray - half out! HELP!

    I've had my new Moto X about 3 minutes when an accidental swipe caused the phone icon to disappear halfway below the tray. No amount of swiping can bring it back in the tray. I have a picture of it at my website: here . You'll see the phone icon slightly below the center apps icon. Does anyone out there know how I can get that icon back in my tray?

    NEVERMIND! I reset the Moto X and corrected the problem. A reset right out of the box! Sheesh.
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    That is weird
    Glad you got it fixed though
    Welcome to Android Central, btw

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    Default Re: Moto X - Phone icon is half in tray - half out! HELP!

    I would have tried clearing cache/date on the Launcher app.
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    Default Re: Moto X - Phone icon is half in tray - half out! HELP!

    That's happened to me many times. Only way to fix it is to restart the phone.
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