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    Default Battery Life

    hey what is your guys average battery life with on screen time. Mine is about 2 and a half hours of screen time. Is that average?

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    Default Re: Battery Life

    I don't know what the average is but I tend to get 5 hours screen on time, sometimes more. There are many factors that influences it.

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    Default Re: Battery Life

    I usually average around 3.5 hours of screen on time. Most I've gotten is just over 5.

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    Default Re: Battery Life

    I used my dad's for a few days before he activated it, and was able to get almost 7 hours of screen time with auto brightness.

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    Default Re: Battery Life

    I usually get between 2.5 - 4 hours of screen on time. But I run a lot of things with the screen off that drains the battery like streaming music or wifi hotspot.
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    I normally get like 3-3.5 on LTE (Verizon). Right now I'm @ 53% with 1.5 hrs screen on. But I have 1 bar of LTE, half an hour of hot spot and I've made some phone calls too. I'm good with that, especially considering my GNex would be dead after an hour. Bear in mind, I'll probably charge it up @ 15% so I probably could get 4 hours if I let it die completely.

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