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    Default Trouble receiving SOME MMS

    I'm on At&t, stock Kit Kat, and stock before that I sometimes get a little icon with a caution sign when a friend on Sprint uses his Samsung to send me a pic. It didn't happen all the time.

    I've noticed recently that now all pics he sends me does this.
    Now my nephew's Android phone on Verizon cannot send me MMS.
    My friend is able to send me MMS all day long from her At&t iPhone.

    I tried installing one of my favorite apps, GOsms and had no success, and had different results on and off wifi. Mobile data is enabled, all that jazz. I mean it just works when it wants to. I can't find the option of clearing out text data like I use to do in 2.3, so idk if that would be the problem. I did erase a few of my large threads I had though, no help.

    Other than backing up tons of pics and resetting, I'm at a lose here. Calling At&t for anything is a last resort.

    I'm expanding my who can send me search, haven't had enough time yet.
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    Default Re: Trouble receiving SOME mms

    I had the same issues; they might not go away:


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