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    I am very careful with any phone I have, and I really don't like cases. Today the magnetic clasp on my leather pouch was loose, and when I took it off while changing at the end of the day of work it fell out. It was a wood floor.

    I was devastated as this phone is 2 weeks old and I am normally much more careful than that. Upon inspecting the phone I cannot find a single nick, scratch, or crack. The phone seems to function fine still (aside from the loose power and volume buttons that came from the factory that way... Not too happy, may complain and get another).

    Anyway, I have never seen a phone survive a drop like that, and I was wondering any other people's experience with it.

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    Default Re: Drop

    This is the drop test that convinced me to buy my first Moto X.

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    Quote Originally Posted by zedorda View Post
    This is the drop test that convinced me to buy my first Moto X.

    Wow that's damn cool! I guess the Moto X is a pretty resilient phone.

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    I've had my moto X for 6 months now, and I've dropped it several times all of which would have cracked my old GS3. So far, knock on wood, the X has survived. I've only had a minimal TPC case on. Very impressed with the x's durability.

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    Motorola can build a pretty durable phone. I've only dropped my Moto X once, but it was fine. My Droid X used to fly out of my hands a lot--like, it'd slip out of my hand and end up being launched a few feet and against a wall--and it never broke.

    Of course, the first time I ever dropped my Galaxy Nexus, the screen cracked. That's the only time a phone of mine has ever broken from a drop.

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