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    Default Moto X: Has anyone changed the backplate?

    I have a standard weaved black backplate on my moto x, and I was thinking about adding some color to it. I know you can change the backplate, but I heard it's not supposed to be changed. So, has anyone here done it? How did it go? Thanks!
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    Default Re: Has anyone changed the backplate?

    I haven't. And of course its not supposed to be changed, than it would've been easy lol. I think the only side effect is that the phone isn't as nicely put together afterwards.
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    Default Re: Moto X: Has anyone changed the backplate?


    Here is probably a safer option. Just a thought.

    Posted via my Moto X DE
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    Default Re: Moto X: Has anyone changed the backplate?

    ifixit.com has a kit to tear the phone apart, so that means the back cover can be removed.

    Check on ebay for 'moto x back cover' and there are plenty of 'OEM' covers available. Not sure of the quality, but I'd say it can be done.

    I'll probably look into this eventually because I've noticed some small cracks on the side of my rear cover plate.

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