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    Default screens?

    Just out of curiosity, does anyone have put screen protectors on their moto X? For example , my screen is naked I just put that polish for your smartphone touchscreen on my screen that's about it I'm very careful with my phone my screen is fine

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    Default Re: screens?

    I haven't used a screen protector since the iPhone 3G. My Galaxy S II made it through more than two years with the screen still looking like new when I replaced it with the Moto X. I haven't even bothered to look at what options there are for "screen saving."

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    Default Re: screens?

    Ah okay gotcha yeah my past phones I have your screen protectors but then I wonder why I actually use them because I'm very careful in anal about my phone and it never got damaged the least bit

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    Default Re: screens?

    Yeah I know if see the silver glass to do the research but I also have an issue with my naked screen just yet smartphone polish off now than but never hiccUps whatsoever

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    Default Re: screens?

    I have to use a screen protector. I am a landscaper & work with hard scapes mainly. Fine stone & concrete grit is very hard on a phone screen. Screen protectors only last me about a month.

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