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    Question Temporarily bypass NFC lock


    I have a rooted Verizon Moto X Developer Edition. My work says that I need to have an actual screen lock (not just slide lock) if I want to access my email on my phone. I really like using NFC lock (via the Motorola Skip that I got for free) but it would be great to bypass it when my phone is in certain locations (i.e. home/work).

    I know that I can use tasker to bypass a pin/password lock when I am near a designated WiFi, but I have yet to see anything that will allow me to bypass the NFC lock. I can't switch back and forth from pin/password to NFC easily because if you disable NFC lock it erases the information from the Skip and you have to set it up all over again. I also know that I can do trusted bluetooth devices but I don't want to stay connected to my bluetooth headset all the time and I don't want to have to keep my bluetooth capable laptop within 30 feet of my phone at home at all times. I have considered using the Wallet TrackR but I have heard concerns about it not working all that well and I would have to remember to take it with me every where in my house and at work.

    Has anyone else tried to temporarily disable the NFC lock using a location awareness or NFC command? Any ideas on how I might accomplish my goal of using my Skip when I am away from home/work but not using the lock when I am at home/work?
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    Default Re: Temporarily bypass NFC lock

    I would just use an app like Touchdown to keep work separate.

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    Default Re: Temporarily bypass NFC lock

    An expensive option to be sure but I have mine hooked through trusted Bluetooth to my Pebble. Hooked on having the watch plus no hassle unlocks as my watch is usually on.

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