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    Default Versions of Moto X

    After many months of consideration, I am considering upgrading my old Droid 2 to a Moto X. I am currently with Verizon, on a very old grand-fathered plan, which works just fine for me. If I pay for the device, I can keep this plan, and avoid a significant increase to my monthly fees. I want an unlocked phone I can use for European travel, and at home, if possible. I am also considering switching to ATT. Verizon still has better coverage for the places we live and visit most often. ATT has a more attractive data plan for the way I use a smartphone, if I upgrade my current plan.

    I would like to purchase a global SIM before I leave, in order to avoid ATT or Verizon expensive international fees, and to be able to have both a European and US phone number, and to have support available in English.

    As much as I would like to avoid both Verizon and ATT, the other US carriers do not have service where I am.

    There are several ways to buy this.
    1) Through Verizon - Cost $399

    2) Through Motorola Moto X Motomaker website - Cost $299. When it comes time to select the version, I have the choice of
    a) GSM Unlocked - ATT and T-Mobile 4G LTE with Global HSPA
    b) Verizon
    c) ATT - I am assuming this is a locked version???
    c) other versions I have probably ruled out
    After 2 sessions with Motorola on-line chat help, I am more confused than ever.
    In the first conversation, I was told that the Verizon phone will not work in Europe, and does not have GSM.
    In the second session, I was told that the ATT version is not guaranteed to work in Europe. Huh???? Have the specs changed? Or is Motorola support totally incompetent?

    3) Through Telestial - Cost $799 - Really?????

    Help would be much appreciated.
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    Default Re: Versions of Moto X

    From what I understand the Verizon phone is GSM unlocked, so in theory you can put in any Sim card and it will work. Depending on where you are you may only get 3g coverage however. I believe the AT&T model is locked. If I were you I'd get the motomaker Verizon phone and keep unlimited data. Although if you are a heavy user Verizon might start throttling.

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    Default Re: Versions of Moto X

    2) a. this will give you more options in the long run. Not sure about international use though
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    Default Re: Versions of Moto X

    To follow up on what Stanley said; any of the three versions of the phone should allow you to get 3G coverage in Europe, unless they are carrier locked. I don't believe any of the phones will be LTE compatible in Europe, they don't appear to support the LTE frequencies that European carriers tend to use.

    I'd suggest either going with the Verizon or GSM unlocked, depending on if you decide to stay with Verizon or switch to AT&T.
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    Default Re: Versions of Moto X

    My understanding is that Verizon Moto X has the unlocked sim for international use.
    Keep that unlimited plan!
    So....2.b would be my answer. .
    Originally Posted by sethgoldstein View Post
    So this means that the Moto X on Verizon is sim unlocked and will work in Europe on certain frequencies?
    Yes. Here are the frequencies:

    Global Network: EDGE/GSM (850/900/1800/1900), HSPA/UMTS( 850/900/1900/2100), HSDPA 42.2 Mbps (Category 20), HSUPA 5.76 Mbps

    LTE B13/4 700/1700

    LTE probably will not work.
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    Default Re: Versions of Moto X

    "Customers must activate a Global feature to enable roaming outside of the U.S. in GSM and UMTS Networks." Quoted from Verizon Wireless.com
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    Default Re: Versions of Moto X

    Yeah you can use AT&T and T-Mobile on a Verizon phone. I've done it on the droid maxx.

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    Default Re: Versions of Moto X

    Quote Originally Posted by zedorda View Post
    "Customers must activate a Global feature to enable roaming outside of the U.S. in GSM and UMTS Networks." Quoted from Verizon Wireless.com
    That is correct if you want to use your Verizon plan overseas. Buying a local SIM is usually a better option.

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