03-26-2014 09:17 AM
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  1. John Doe40's Avatar
    - better camera is definitely needed. And not only software but hardware - larger sensor size, sensor from different supplier and OIS. With no gimmicks like secondary cameras "for more depth" or similar nonsense which is only useful for 5 minutes to impress your simple-minded friends with.
    - better learning ability for voice control, including custom phrases. The current Touchless Control still being occasionally triggered by other people saying random stuff, or not being triggered at all if there are other people talking nearby and I am trying to speak "OK Google Now" phrase.
    - microSD card slot. It's actually pretty useful in different situations even if you don't need extra storage space, like, for example, reviewing your recording from the dashboard camera inside your car (which is otherwise inaccessible).
    - Inductive charging. I've used this feature before, it is insanely convenient and reduces mechanical stress on the USB connector, especially if you are trying to plug it in in a dark environment and/or you have issues with your vision. The phone's body is plastic and will probably stay that way so there shouldn't be any issues trying to integrate it. Or at least provide an optional cover/case with induction coil and charging plug built-in, I'd gladly sacrifice extra thickness for such extremely convenient ability.

    If Motorola would implement all of these features into next model while improving the current features and software I would be a very happy person (and I know several other people who would be similarly happy).
    03-26-2014 12:07 AM
  2. Puzzlegal's Avatar
    One edit to this list:
    Really want badly
    1) Wireless charging. Preferably Qi, since this seems like the most standard. I had no idea howmuch I would miss this.
    2) Same size. I LOVE the form factor. It feels good in my hand, and I can reach everything.
    3) Bigger battery, if not in coflict with (2)
    4) True international phone, with bands for all major regions and carriers
    5) Comes SIM unlocked and usable on all carriers (Even the Sprint and Verizon versions)

    Nice to have:
    1) Some form of biometric unlocking
    2) 64gb (hey, more is always better)
    3) FM/AM radio
    4) IR blaster
    5) better camera -- not because I care, but because other people seem to care, and if the phone were more popular it would have better support and accessories.
    6) software accessible LED notification. Yes, yes, the active display is great and all that. I still miss the simple light that I can see without my glasses.
    7) Waterproof & Dust proof (IP67 certified)

    1) touchless control activated by any keywords user made up (phone to determine if it's "different enough". obviously, "hello" would be triggered too often)
    2) voice control to toggle hardware
    3) voice control to search phone. I want to be able to tell it to navigate to Fred's house, I don't want to have to recite Fred's address.
    03-26-2014 09:17 AM
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