I have had the Moto X for 3 months now and have gone through the camera and Kit Kat update. Here are some observations, mind you that I came from an iPhone 4s and before that I had the first Incredible.

I love the Moto X and the customization you can do with it.
I find that the screen can be very sensitive. In other words I grip the phone by the sides and I find that icons have moved.
Pressing on the back of the phone on the Verizon logo makes a crinkly/crunchy noise. I know, don't press there and it won't make the noise.
Battery life does not come close to iPhone 5s ( I have one for business purposes)
Motorola Assist works fine and then for some reason it doesn't.

Overall I love the phone, for the overall form factor vs the 5s, Moto X wins hands down. However if and when Apple makes an iPhone with a 4.7+ screen that will be a game changer.

Would love to hear feedback on others who have been using Moto X for a few months now and have used an iPhone.