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    Default Panorama pics really slow

    Anyone played with panorama pics? It seems to take pretty good images & stitch them together, however the save time is really long. I'm guessing 20-30 seconds save time while it is processing & stitching the images together? While I don't use panorama very often, it is kind of annoying to wait so long for each pic if you want to continue snapping more. I think the 1 time I hit "back" to try to get into another app, it canceled the panorama save & I had to it seems you must stay on in camera mode until the panorama pic processes & saves.

    Anyone seeing the same issue or have any tips/tricks they've learned for panoramas?
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    Default Re: Panorama pics really slow

    Kind of a BUMP, but also something new. I was taking pictures tonight & got a couple decent panorama shots, but also had 2 crashes. After taking the panorama on 2 occasions, the phone took it's time to save & when the status bar reached 100%, the app crashed & closed. The pics were lost.

    Pretty happy with the phone for everything else, the camera is the only thing I am less than happy about.

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