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    Default Motorola slpc service

    Some reason this service sometimes drains my battery very quickly and other times it is none existing. When it is in high use it drains battery from 23% to 13% in 45 minutes. It is trying to gps. I am just wondering what is this service and how do I stop it from eating battery?

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    Default Re: motorola slpc service

    I'm having this issue today. Motorola slpc service is using a bunch of my battery, when it is active it uses GPS. Not a huge hog for me yet, but it was showing up as #2 for my battery usage with Android OS as number 1. I decided to restart(by holding down my power button) my phone and noticed an hour later it had reset my battery stats. Thought that was weird, so I powered down and powered back up without holding down the power button this time... battery stats reset again. What is going on? And what is motorola slpc service anyways?

    Edit: After the 2nd restart the app seems to be better and not showing up at all in battery usage. So I guess that fixed it for now, weird that my battery stats cleared though without being on a charger.

    2nd Edit: Motorola Support doesn't know what motorola slpc service is.
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    Default Re: motorola slpc service

    I believe it's used to find out if you are driving then kicks in the driving mode in Assist.

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    Default Re: motorola slpc service

    Toggle Assist for driving off when you're not using it and it should stop draining your battery.

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