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    Default Solid Greens Produce Weird Patterns on Screen

    Whenever there is a dark solid green colour on screen I notice lines and patterns across the colour. If I stare at it, it even looks like there are patterns across the colour that are pulsing and moving. Is this normal? I notice it most when I launch Xbox Music. It's my only gripe, so if it is common then forget about it I shall
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    Default Re: Solid Greens Produce Weird Patterns on Screen

    I don't know for sure, but I have this problem with my Galaxy Nexus, not just with green. There appears to be a pattern on solid colors, maybe you got a bad AMOLED panel? I know the GNex screens are notoriously bad, so may be a similar issue. I would get a replacement while you can if you are within the time frame or have insurance.

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