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    Default My Headphones aren't working with my Moto X

    I just got my Moto X yesterday and tried to use my skull candy headphones with them. When I push the headphones in all the way I get a clicking sound in one of my ears and when I play my music it plays for a second through the speaker then stops and plays for another second and then stops again for good. When I have the headphones slightly out of the jack it plays through the headphones but that doesn't really work because they fall out or if touched the sound goes bad. Anywhere else my headphones work fine. Is this a problem with my headphones conflicting with my phone or is there some hardware problem with my phone? Any help would be much appreciated.
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    Default Re: My Headphones aren't working with my Moto X

    Welcome to Android Central! Make sure there isn't any lint or other debris stuck in the jack. Use a damp toothpick to root around there, or a can of compressed air to blow it out.

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