Moto X newbie here on day 3. Coming from Moto Atrix 4G (at&t) and figuring out most stuff on my own, via help pages, or with the help of this forum.

But I'm frustrated with how contacts are handled on this phone. My primary contacts are from yahoo mail, and whenever I add contacts on the phone only they synch to gmail (which is fine), so I've got a mix of both.

I'll number my questions/observations to make this easier:

1. Why are the contacts in the People app and Dialer icon handled differently? I don't need two lists that function differently, I need one list that works the same.

2. Why can't I easily toggle back and forth from history, to dialer, and to contacts within the Dialer? Once you click on the dialer or history I have to hit the back button to me able to get to a MENU where I can then select All Contacts. This is very frustrating when you try to call someone you don't call often, esp if you're driving/walking/etc. (I do not want to depend on voice dialing)

3. I think it's really cool that I can delete "read only" contacts and they're hidden from my phone, but where do they go if I happen to need them? At least half the people in my yahoo address book I would rarely call/text/email from my phone. You can't view yahoo contacts within the yahoo mail app (this is available in iphone app, I have iphone 5 for work).

4. On my atrix you couldn't edit yahoo contacts on the phone, and it said that up front. Is that the same case with this phone? It doesn't tell you, the updates are just greyed out (so I assume it's the same).

5. Can I collapse the view of the contacts to be more space efficient? Or do I have to change the font size for everything in the phone? It's a whole lot of scrolling.

6. Are there apps in the play store which will give me what I want?

7. Unrelated..... can you search within the Moto X forum only? I don't see that on the forum heading or the advanced search.

8. Is this really Kit Kat question? Or is the screen layout of contacts and other stuff unique to this device?

Otherwise pretty happy with the phone so far, esp. the connect widget for chrome!!!