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    Default Google Play Newsstand HighBattery Usage

    This is not about the idle drain, but about the battery usage by Google Play Newsstand. I use this app often. All the news I read are 99% text content. But, just after 20-30 minutes of usage, I see Google Newsstand sits at top of the App list in Battery Usage.

    Actually, I use Facebook more often than this, but Facebook's battery usage is 50% less. If I see my current snapshot, NewsStand used 5 MB of data and its battery usage is 12% and Facebook used 5 MB of data and its battery usage is 12%.

    Did any one else see high battery usage by NewsStand?
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    Default Re: Google Play Newsstand HighBattery Usage

    I using G2, Google Play Newsstand drain battery, too
    So i remove that application. but still drained battery by what application packagename

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