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    Default Makeshift wireless charging for Moto X (and LuguLake shameless promotion)

    I was missing the built in wireless charging feature from my Nexus 4. I bought one of these qi charging receiver tag which have a microUSB jack, this give the Moto X wireless charging ability without having to do any internal modification.

    The qi receiver tag is about $12, you can get one of these from Amazon or eBay by searching for the keywords: qi charger receiver tag microusb.
    I highly recommend you find a receiver tag that have a higher mAH rating, perhaps 750mAH or 1000mAH.
    Makeshift wireless charging for Moto X (and LuguLake shameless promotion)-img_20140215_214445.jpg

    I also had a LuguLake 6000mAH Qi Charger unit that I used previously with the Nexus 4.
    Makeshift wireless charging for Moto X (and LuguLake shameless promotion)-img_20140215_214320.jpg

    The charger is rated at 1000mAH out and the qi receiver tag is rated at 500mAH out. (Not exactly sure the value for LuguLake is for its wireless charging or the USB port ouput, since it can charge another device using USB cable as well.)
    Makeshift wireless charging for Moto X (and LuguLake shameless promotion)-img_20140215_214551.jpg

    So theoretically you're charging @ 500milliamp per hour. From my usage, the phone can fully charge it's battery in about 4.5hours. While this seems long, the math works out (2200mAH / 500mAH = 4.4). If I had been using a 750mAH tag, it should only take 3hours instead.
    Makeshift wireless charging for Moto X (and LuguLake shameless promotion)-img_20140215_214037.jpg

    This is going to be slower than with phones that have internal qi receiver. Also my LuguLake charger output at 1AH, the official Nexus charger is rated higher than this. I am using a tag that have 500mAH rating which isn't very good.

    So does it worth it to spend about $70 of accessories for this privilege?
    It work flawless every time I put the phone on the charger. The phone (tag) only get a bit warm while charging and it never gets hot enough to be uncomfortable to hold. It's not so bad considering the Moto X battery last a full day, so you only have to charge it at night. I find wireless charging so convenient I don't want to constantly fiddle with microUSB cable. In the long run, this may preserve the durability of the phone's microUSB port by not having to use it as often.
    Makeshift wireless charging for Moto X (and LuguLake shameless promotion)-img_20140215_213928.jpg

    Other cons aside from slower charging time?
    -You will have to use TPU case to cover up the tag and hold it in place. The tag itself is flexible so it won't damage easily. This is a bummer if you have a woodback which you won't be able to show off anymore.
    -The tag will cover up the NFC part of the phone, I haven't tested how the NFC will work with the tag on though.
    -Whenever you want to transfer files to the phone (by USB), you have to remove the microUSB of the tag. I can't really consider this as a con because it's actually very easy to do, since the receiver tag's microUSB jack tend to be plastic and is already in place in the right orientation, you don't have to fiddle as much like usual.

    I don't mind the cons, it work out for me. I think the Moto X is meant to have wireless charging, which compliment it's touchless control feature. I will update on the charging speed when I get a 750mAH rated tag.
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails Makeshift wireless charging for Moto X (and LuguLake shameless promotion)-img_20140215_214215.jpg  
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