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    Default CWM Recovery for Admiral

    Is there any interest in getting support for the Admiral in CWM Recovery?

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    Default Re: CWM Recovery for Admiral

    I'm certainly interested in this. Would love to get a custom ROM for this, ideally Cyanogenmod 9.
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    Default Re: CWM Recovery for Admiral

    For sure.
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    Default Re: CWM Recovery for Admiral

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    Default Re: CWM Recovery for Admiral

    Bump, anyone???
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    Default Re: CWM Recovery for Admiral

    The bootloader is encrypted on this phone. Validated myself earlier today. Without an unlocked bootloader, or rather unsecure bootloader, you can't apply a custom recovery. There are 2 possibilities:

    1) Someone find an unsecure bootloader or bootloader which allows the unlock command on motodev servers (cheesecake), then apply the unsecure or unlockable bootloader to the phone, then issue the fastboot oem unlock command (might be moto-fastboot oem unlock depending on the actual bootloader), then compile amon ra or CWM for our device, and finally flash_image that onto the phone.
    2) Create a boot strap recovery (Koush's source) that hijacks the boot process to act as a pseudo recovery. This is not a true custom recovery as it won't allow for boot.img to be modified which means CM type ROMs and other kernel level modifications are out of the question, but /system modifications are fair game.

    Hope that clarifies.

    EDIT - Also, for the sake of preventing confusion, I hope the OP will consider editing post #1, clicking advanced edit, and changing the title to better reflect this is a discussion rather than an actual recovery download.
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    Default Re: CWM Recovery for Admiral

    I was hoping for the bootstrap, although the regular recovery is definitely better, with the lack of dev support for this device we cant be unrealistic, i definitely think the bootstrap recovery is realistic, now to just find someone willing to make it happen. I am willing to pay a bounty for bootstrap recovery and a ROM.
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    Default Re: CWM Recovery for Admiral

    Sorry if this is completely wrong, but could this: http://www.droid-life.com/2013/04/08...lock-released/ help with making a recovery?

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