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    Default Droid 2 Global on Wirefly

    Hey guys, sorry if this is a repeat or old news, Seems like Droid 2 Global both black and white are now on sale on

    Droid 2 global white

    Droid 2 global black

    New accounts $99.99
    Contract renew/upgrade $149.99
    Additional lines $129.99
    No contract $549.99
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    Sounds like a good deal.
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    Default Update

    Updated prices;
    New Account: $79.99
    Renew/Contract Upgrade: $119.99
    Added Line: $99.99
    No Contract: $539.99

    Also now on sale now on the following sites; (Back ordered for now)
    New Account/new family plan: $79.99
    Renew/Contract Upgrade Primary: $119.99
    Upgrade family line: $149.99
    New Account: $99.99
    Renew/Contract Upgrade: $149.99
    Added Line: $99.99
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    The D2 global is also BOGO at Verizon as well.
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    Those aren't bad prices sure will help move some of these phones
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    they only people that wouldn't jump on these are the tech informed that know CES is just a month away.
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