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    Default Disable Social Location?

    I consistently see Social Location at the top of my battery usage and I don't use it. I can go into the app and exit it, but it starts up everytime the phone restarts.

    Any way to perminantly disable it, or at least stop it from sucking juice? I already have gps turned off.

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    Default Re: Disable Social Location?

    Root and freeze.
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    Default Re: Disable Social Location?

    I'm not trying to take the blame from Social Location, but have you confirmed with a third-party battery manager to confirm this is indeed a problem with Social Location? In Motorola's forum, there's a similar post and it was verified that there are some false-positives about Social Location draining battery.
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    Default Re: Disable Social Location?

    Juca, nice to see you. But keep dreaming! The problem isn't going to go away I at least appreciate you poking around on forums, though.

    alpha, sounds like NegativeCreep is correct and has the only possible solution at this time.

    For any curious passers by of this thread - DO NOT OPEN SOCIAL LOCATION out of curiosity. This issue is instant and irreversible.

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