Hi guys.
I just had to have my droid 4 replaced due to it overheating/not charging and so fourth...it went through an update after ICS and there was a "stock" battery indicator (I know this because I had widgets installed and when my phone turned back on I had one that I didn't before, I uninstalled my apps/widgets and used just the one that was now on the phone itself). Since getting the new phone I don't have that option and this screen the contrast seems to be off...I can deal with the contrast...maybe...but the battery indicator I want back. I don't really like any of the apps/widgets that are out there. I have tried Battery HD, Battery Indicator, Battery Widget...ect...but I don't like any of them as much as I do the one that I had on the old phone. Whenever it charges it has a little lightning bolt underneath it and it gives you the battery life at 1% increments. Does anyone know how I can get this back? I have looked through the settings from one phone to the other and I don't see anything that was any different....maybe I overlooked something? Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!!!