I just got a new Nexus 7 for my birthday and while enjoying playing with it, i decided to enter pictures to all of my contacts. Randomly, some of these pictures synced to my droid 4, most did not. I use the facebook app on the tablet, but since it is just trash on the cell phone, i use the mobile web app. Still, most of the FB pictures did not sync to the tablet and i replaced some of the ones that did with a pic of my own choosing. I won't even mention the droid 2 global,which has decided to also do its own thing, but since i only use that for work, i'm not concerned. I thought the whole idea of google comtacts was that the could sync across devices. Is this just a myth? Do i actually have a choice of the pictures that are displayed for my contacts, or does google now randomly choose them for me? Is there a way to set and sync them?