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    Default Droid 4: Software update

    Any more news on what the soak test is for? The link said to head to the forums, but I didn't see a thread on the subject. I booted mine up to do an app test and was reminded how horribly slow it had gotten. Hopefully the new update will help with that.

    Motorola Droid 4 soak test invites being sent out | Android Central

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    Default Re: Software update

    I'm waiting on it as well. Although I don't know what an app test is, I haven't had much, if any, of the issues other Droid owners have reported.

    I'm still looking into it as well. I believe the forum link is/was supposed to direct us to another part of the forums.

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    Default Re: Software update

    Just got the OTA for this update today.

    Here's the changelog from Motorola:
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    Default Re: Software update

    I got mine a few days ago. Nothing big on my end.

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    Default Re: Software update

    Quote Originally Posted by fuddster View Post
    Just got the OTA for this update today.

    Here's the changelog from Motorola:
    Just read the link. Booooooooooooooooooo..... it wasn't anything exciting after all. So depressed.

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    Default Re: Software update

    I am not surprised at all it was just a very small update. I got my droid 4 on launch day almost 2 years ago now. It was a mid level phone at Best when it came out. It has a processor that is not very common in the mobile industry anymore. I'm not sure why anyone is surprised this phone is not getting any more updates. Especially since it was put out by Motorola before Google got involved. In fact I think the only reason it got a jelly bean update was because of Google's involvement.

    I am a keyboard phone lover, and have owned every droid except the Droid 3. But, I have realized that we are now in a touch screen world. So it's time to put the Droid 4 away, save it as a relic of the past for future reference and a good laugh, and move on to the touch screen world.

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