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    Default Bluetooth audio lag.

    I've noticed that there is about a 1-2 second lag in audio when watching video through both my bluetooth headphones or bluetooth car connection on my 2013 GS350. I have never had this issue on my Note 2 before. Anyone experienced this issue with their Maxx?
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    Default Re: Bluetooth audio lag.

    I have it too but I've only tried it on my car (2012 Acura TSX). My Note II had this delay too so it seems normal. Are you sure your Note II didn't do it?

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    Default Re: Bluetooth audio lag.

    I noticed the lag the other day in my Mazda, but it was the first time I ever watched a video in the car. I've always had a delay in controlling the Bluetooth on android phones in it though, including the S4 and HTC One so I have a feeling it's a universal thing.
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    Default Re: Bluetooth audio lag.

    Yes, there is audio lag. It's really annoying when it plays through the speaker and Bluetooth at the same time. Not sure why it does that sometimes, but it's weird.

    I assume the lag is universal. Even if it isn't, I doubt there's a fix.

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    Default Re: Bluetooth audio lag.

    I also have this lag on my nexus 7 when watching videos and listening via my plantronics legend headset.

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    Default Re: Bluetooth audio lag.

    I've seen this with my Thunderbolt and now the Maxx.
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    Default Re: Bluetooth audio lag.

    My apologies for resurrecting an old thread, but I've been working on this because I have this issue with my Honda. Discovery 2 to 3 second delay seems to be common with all Bluetooth card units provided manufactured by Johnson Controls. So far this includes Honda, Acura, Hyundai, Kia, and Mazda. From what I've been researching and testing Toyota, Lexus, Mercedes, and Nissan do not have this problem.

    One of the best new features of Kit Kat, is that you can now capture bluetooth traces. From my own testing and tracing, I confirmed that it's a software bug in the HandsFreeLink in the car. If you have this problem, I strongly suggest you call HandsFreeLink support to complaint about this as a bug under warranty.

    I posted details on my CR-V forum here: http://www.crvownersclub.com/forums/...ill-there.html

    Fight the good fight.

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    Default Re: Bluetooth audio lag.

    My 2014 Toyota Camry has lag issue

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    Default Re: Bluetooth audio lag.

    Quote Originally Posted by doggy2965 View Post
    My 2014 Toyota Camry has lag issue

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    How much of lag and with what app?

    What I'm seeing is that all audio is played on a 3 second delay. So, if I press play on a song, the song starts playing immediately on the phone but I don't start hearing it until 3 seconds later. Nothing gets clipped, just delayed. Same for alarms, the sound on videos, GPS voice directions, video game sound effects, etc. I have two kids who use my phone a lot, I'm not watching videos or playing games while I'm driving. But the 3 sec delay on music alone drives me insane. (Samsung GS4 w/ KitKat.)
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    Default Re: Bluetooth audio lag.

    Any video app Netflix and youtube

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    Default Re: Bluetooth audio lag.

    I have a 2011 Honda Pilot, and just purchased a 2015 Toyota Corolla. With my Samsung GS 5 I have the exact same ~3 second audio/video delay as described above with both vehicles. Has there been any additional findings on this issue?

    It seems like the only way this could be resolved is if the video player software was set to a delay equivalent to the bluetooth. Since there are so many player platforms out there, this could be a tough fix. Thanks.
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    Default Re: Bluetooth audio lag.

    i own a 2014 mitsubishi lancer and have this problem as well. Maybe a 2 to 3 second lag. But when im in a call its not laggy at all. Its only music and videos and things like that.

    Also in order to have a fix you would need to mess with the bluetooth settings on the car. Delaying the time and sound on the phone would only delay the sound to the car more.
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    Default Re: Bluetooth audio lag.

    Correction. Just bought a 2016 toyota corolla and bought a new galaxy s7 phone and the audio and video lag.
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    Default Re: Bluetooth audio lag.

    Mines work fine with my 2016 AMG Mercedes. Never had a problem. Danny might be right. Could be the settings.

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