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    Default Best Camera App for Droid Maxx

    After learning that the Nexus 5 will not be available on Verizon, I've decided to buy a Droid Maxx. My concern is the camera, and I see two problems with the camera. First, it shoots stills in 16:9 ratio only, and I almost never want to compose in that ratio. Second, like all Motorola phone cameras, the image quality is not excellent. I'm hoping to solve both of these problems with a camera app. And my question here is judging by image quality alone (megapixel counts don't matter to me), what is the best camera app that will shoot in 4:3 aspect ratio or squarer (such as 1:1)? I've looked up prior threads and seen JB+, Procapture, and Camera Zoom FX mentioned, but it isn't clear whether any of these are better or worse on the question of image quality. Thanks in advance.
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    Default Re: Best Camera App for Droid Maxx

    I started using Shot Control on my HTC Thunderbolt and have carried it over to my Maxx. I -think- it is giving me better images, but I have only done a couple of pictures with both the stock camera app and Shot Control. I may try to post them later.

    Shot Control has a bunch of uneven reviews, but the developer is very responsive, and I have had no issues with it on my Maxx.

    Posted from my XT1080M
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    Default Re: Best Camera App for Droid Maxx

    I've been using Camera Zoom FX for years and still really like it. Camera360 is also very good.

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