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    Default Hows the Maxx camera

    Before I had the note 2, I had the the razr maxx HD. The camera took blurry photos if you werent still. Hows the camera quality on this phone?

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    Default Re: Hows the Maxx camera

    Its fine but ever since the update I find taking photos with flash on in a so so situation tend to make it darker. I can't successfully take an image for my banks app where as my Note 2 could. I love the phone but the camera is still lackluster.

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    Default Re: Hows the Maxx camera

    All things are relative. Review after review indicates it's not the best camera out there, but I'll tell ya - phone cameras ain't what they used to be. If you're used to one on any older phone, it'll likely be a big improvement. IMO, it's a very good camera, it just (apparently) isn't the best.

    Oh, and any camera will take blurry photos if you don't hold still. There's a reason photographers use tripods. Granted, some cameras are more sensitive to it, but if you want REALLY good photos, you need to hold still, no mattery the camera.
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    Default Re: Hows the Maxx camera

    Pictures taken with the droid maxx

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