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    Default Switching calls with Maxx

    I'm having problems switching between calls on my new Maxx. Previously on my bionic there was a bar on the call screen that allowed you to switch between calls. There isn't one on the Maxx. I have tried long pressing the red hang up button but it doesn't work. Any ideas?


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    To switch back you hang up the call and after 5 seconds or so the phone will ring on your end and you pick up. The caller on the other end never loses you but it's an alert to switch over. If this doesn't work than the person hung up prior to this.

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    I you are in call and another call comes in you will see the incoming call on screen you just answer it like it was a normal call and it puts the original call on hold. There is a switch button that takes the place of the "add call" button down at the bottom when you have two calls going that you can switch back and forth between calls. And as Eclipse said if you just need to answer an incoming call and talk a few seconds when you end THAT call and hang up your phone will ring and you answer and will be back with the original caller.
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    Ok, thanks guys! I've had it ring back a couple of times and I just thought they were calling me back cause I had hung up on them. Good info!


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    Default Re: Switching calls with Maxx

    Hmmm. I find if I hit the End Call button, they both go. Has happened many times. So instead, I Switch Calls first, but then both show as going until I finsh the second one.

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