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    I just put a Speck candyshell grip case on my phone which is making it really difficult to get in and out of my front pocket. I'm considering putting my phone in my back pocket. I know several people that do this but only one is made. Any other guys keep their phone in their back pocket?
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    Back pocket = sat on = broken display

    fat-fingered and Maxx-ed out.
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    Default Re: Phone in back pocket

    I keep it in my front pocket. I'd assume it would be uncomfortable having a big phone in your back pocket

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    I'd forget and sit on it. Front pocket for me. This does limit phone size though. I looked into the GPE Ultra Z and made a cardboard mockup and I just couldn't move well with a phone that big in my pocket.
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    Yeah I think I'm gonna have to return the case. I tried it and it's so uncomfortable.
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    Guy here as well and I've kept my last few phones in my back pocket and never had any problems, including the Maxx.

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