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    Default Kit Kat & LLama battery usage


    Been using Llama since getting the MAXX to replace the functionality I used to have on old Razr MAXX. Product works great. Over the weekend, Kit Kat was pushed to my phone OTA, and now Llama shows up as a large consumer of battery (8-10%) on the stock battery app, where it never showed in the list before.

    Anyone else notice this? I have emailed the developer too. Aside from this Llama is working fine, just curious.

    I just now tried uninstall/reinstall/clear cache and I will report back to see if this made any difference.
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    Default Re: Kit Kat & LLama battery usage

    I have the same issue on my SG Note3.
    Since the OTA update for kitkat Llama was top scorer in battery usage with 14%. As soon as I kicked Llama out, the battery lifetime is very much better. Even better than ever before. Ironicly I used always used Llama to reduce the battery consumption. Now I have to without some very convenient tasks Llama did for me, like checking my emails and the weather when my alarm goes off in the morning.
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    Default Re: Kit Kat & LLama battery usage

    Odd. Been using Llama since the update, first time user of it, and it's never appeared on my list...

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