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    Default Facebook photo upload failing

    The current android facebook app is version 3.9, which came out on December 24th. I'm not a big facebook user, but I do create the occasional post. Last time I used the app to upload a photo to facebook was on December 6th (pre kit kat upgrade), using what I assume was Facebook app version 3.8. Yesterday, Christmas day was the next time I tried to post a photo to facebook. i consistently got a message telling me that my upload failed. I tried it using two different wifi access points in two different places and also using 4G - always receiving the update failed result. I don't know if it is the Kit Kat upgrade, or the that I'm using the ART runtime, or if it is a problem with the facebook update.

    Searchin on the web I found a work around that instructed me to downgrade to an earlier version of facebook. I found several older versions here:

    So, I uninstalled the current facebook app and sideloaded Facebook version 3.7, which works just fine - uploads photos with no problem.

    Is anyone else experiencing this?

    Jim Capraro
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    Default Re: Facebook photo upload failing

    Problem solved, I reset the runtime back to the Dalvik cache, updated my Facebook app to the latest version and now photo uploads work as they should.

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    Default Re: Facebook photo upload failing

    I discovered this issue today. My last successful upload was December 28th. I think I had an upload fail between then and now but I had chalked it up to a connectivity issue. Today I realized I couldn't upload over Wi-Fi or cellular. The weird thing is that not only could I not upload via the Facebook app but it also wouldn't work through the browser. Reverting back to dalvik fixed the issue for me too.

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