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    Question Any app suggestions for safe browsing?

    I've heard pro & con on Verizon's Support & Protection (also included in their Total Mobile Protection Pagkage). Some people refer to it as bloat ware. Others have called it crap.Some say it drains the battery, while others say it saves the battery. (huh?) Droid Razor owners swear by it. Still others say better free apps are available (but they don't specify what)! I have also seen on this forum that once it is installed it is very difficult to get rid of it, so I'm browsing around unprotected. Any suggestions for a better app?
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    I never activated mine, I went with McAfee app because I have them as a package on my PC.

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    I use lookout. Happy with it, never shows up in the top battery consumers.
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    I also use lookout. Paid for the annual subscription and as well worth it. Does not consume battery and is very quick at scanning installed apps 4 issues

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    The best app is common sense. Use it and you don't need any apps for protecting your phone.
    But if you're just uncomfortable going without some kind of protective app, you can't beat Lookout.
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    Yes, only go to reputable sites. Stay away from porn and other spam riddled websites and apps. I'd say that should pretty much keep your device clean.
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