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    Default Droid MAXX: Yellowish Tint On Screen

    Hello, I just got this device and noticed that the screen has a warm/yellow tint to it.

    If the phone is on a flat surface and I'm looking at it at an angle then the color look cooler, looking at it head on the colors are warmer.

    Is this normal?
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    Default Re: Yellowish Tint On Screen

    AMOLED displays. Hate it or love it. At least we're past pentile matrix. Crisp blacks, tinted whites. I love the cartoony-ness of my screen, but when I look at the same site or picture next to my brother's G2, I get a bit jealous.
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    Default Re: Yellowish Tint On Screen

    Yes my Maxx I dod not notice this until I held it against my wifes Mini and wow what a difference so yellow when both side by side

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