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    Default update 12.15.15.en.us Help needed

    I just picked up a MAXX of eBay with 4.2.2 on it. I Keep getting a prompt asking to install an update (update 12.15.15.en.us). It says something about camera improvements and compatibility with mophie juice pack and google drive 50gb storage. I paid a little more for this phone so I could get one not on 4.4. I looked online and it looks like this is not the kitkat update I'm thinking this is the small one refered to as a camera update. I really don't want to root it only reason I wanted 4.2.2 is so I can use foxfi. I really don't like having to dismiss the update prompt because I fear i will accidentally hit install one time and be screwed. So can I install this update and be good or will I then start getting a prompt for 4.4 kitkat and have to deal with that popping up all the time. Or will I be better off to just root it and disable the software update. PLEASE HELP!
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    Default Re: update 12.15.15.en.us Help needed

    This is what I have now.

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    Default Re: update 12.15.15.en.us Help needed

    I just went through full updating... There are 2 leading up to Kit Kat. The update will tell you I think just before you proceed if it is the Kit Kat one as I recall. After Kit Kat there is an update to turn the icons white...wish I had held on that one ad I really preferred blue.

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    Default Re: update 12.15.15.en.us Help needed

    I don't think foxfi works with update

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    Default Re: update 12.15.15.en.us Help needed

    If you want to root the phone, you have to do it BEFORE you upgrade to 4.4. Once you take the KitKat upgrade, you can't root.

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