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    Default Noom Users Beware!

    Apparently I had downloaded an app called Noom and didn't even realize it. Today after about 9 hours of light use, I looked at my phone and it was at 24% battery and hot to the touch! Noom was using 68% of the power and kept my system awake all for one bloatware notification advertisement. Disabled and uninstalled and battery has been steady for the last few hours, only at 21% now after 3 hours. Anyone else experience this?

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    Default Re: Noom Users Beware!

    That's annoying. Which Noom app was it? There are 3 listed in Google Play. Do you know how it installed without you realizing it? It's worth emailing them and letting them know about this issue. If the app installed in a shady manner, then it's also worth telling them that as well. support@noom.com
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    Default Re: Noom Users Beware!

    I'm sure I installed it at some point going through and installing apps i might like. I think it was just called Noom. It kept giving me advertisement for Noom pro too

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    Default Re: Noom Users Beware!

    I use noom walk and it doesn't cause battery drain.

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