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    Default 2.2 ROMS and the market post-2.2-OTA

    Now that 2.2 is out on the EVO and the Droid, I was hoping things would clear up in the market.

    Specifically, there are paid apps (like Pure Calendar) that I can't see or download from Sapphire 0.8.4. I know I could patch things to see the market as if my ROM was 2.1, but I thought that would be uncecessary now that 2.2 is out and around.

    Anyone know what I could do to get Pure Calendar now? For what it's worth, here are the dev's periodic comments on the issue since 2.2 was first out.

    thanks for any tips
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    google will be updating the market shortly to accomodate the new Droid froyo build. SO just wait it out a couple of days and your apps will be there again. They have to approve all builds that try to access the market.
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