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    Question save setting when installed custom ROM

    Could someone please tell me how I can preserve all my settings when installing a custom ROM. I just installed Sapphire 1.0 but lost all my settings. Its seems like its is not worth all the headaches of setting the phone up all over again.
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    "Titanium backup for root users" in the market. pay the donation, and then it will backup settings. Also use "LauncherPro" (in the market) as your primary launcher and you can do backups. Therefore you'll be able to completely restore your state after a new ROM is flashed.
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    Also, you don't need to pay the donation to use Titanium Backup. I did my first ROM change with the free version. But the free version requires you to sit there while each app is restored and click "yes" to each one. The donation gets you the one touch restore all feature. Well worth it in my opinion.

    Did you backup the ROM before installing Sapphire? If so you could do this:
    1) Backup current Sapphire ROM
    2) Restore backup of old ROM to restore the old settings
    3) Install Titanium and backup the apps and settings
    4) Restore the Sapphire backup
    5) Reinstall Titanium and restore the backups of your apps and settings.
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    I'd also recommend "My Backup Pro." It can backup both applications and data, and also let's you choose which applications or data sets. For example, you could choose not to back up your calendar, because you'll get duplicate entries if you do.
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